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In the 1960s Albert Humphrey, and a team at the Stanford Research Institute in California, authored the SWOT analysis, created the term "stakeholder" and then discovered a method that provided management teams with a framework for change management called Team Action Management (TAM).

This framework cleverly takes the sophisticated psychology of people and team-based behaviours and maps them to a series of repeatable rules and instructions. This became the original master model for planning and delivering collaborative change within organisations.

Team Action Management is a proven and established system which speeds up and smoothes the process of initiating and controlling change. TAM has been used by many successful household name companies and public sector organisations alike over five decades. Driven by you and your board of directors to bring about rapid quantifiable change and development; bringing your people along with you. Superior results are evident within weeks.

TEAM ACTION MANAGEMENT is uniquely compliant to the GRAIL™ standard of change planning.

Who are we...

TAM UK are the legal owners of Albert Humphrey's original research and act as custodians and licensors to clients in the delivery channel and academic channels.

Our primary delivery channel for Team Action Management is the SWOT Team who are able to assist in your own development of Team Action Management.

If you have a licensing query or want to be trained in the methodology of Team Action Management in order to deliver to your own clients, then contact