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Change Planning

Available only from [TAM] Team Action Management™, owners of the SWOT analysis, Team Action Management is the acclaimed system for creating positive change and delivering results - fast.

Team Action Management is delivered by transferring the change planning skills to your senior management team, massively engaging with your entire workforce, and then planning out the precise strategic projects needed to deliver the required change. All of this within 6 weeks average time period, with just 5 days of management time.

Financial results are evidenced within 2-4 weeks, and the programme is guaranteed to provide a 100% return on investment within 6 months.


Change planning needs can take the form of:

  • the need to engage the workforce to gain performance
  • the need strengthen the Management team in the skill of planning and operational management
  • to increase profits, create greater cash flow and generally improve performance

Applications are:

  • Performance improvement generally
  • Need to increase workforce engagement for efficient operations
  • Need to reduce waste and costs
  • Change of shareholder control (management buy in/buy out)
  • Change of management control, new MD or Board Director
  • Merger or acquisitions with the need to integrate operations
  • Resizing of the organisation (expansion as well as downsizing)
  • New product or markets that require different approach
  • Any major planned change event or restructuring

Immediate results:

  • A marked increase in performance, profit and productivity
  • Gain workforce acceptance of a change at the point of impact
  • Develop effective leadership by the senior management or Board of Directors
  • Creates a cultural platform for efficient and effective change
Change Planning

Team Action Management doesn't focus on just one or two areas of your business. We understand that your organisation has to work as a whole and that the only way to align operations, people and strategy effectively is to engage them all at the same time.

Team Action Management is repeatable, licensed to you, rules-based and underwritten by our guarantee of 100% return on investment within 6 months.

Team Action Management adapts to existing initiatives such as Kaizen, Lead and 6 Sigma, and provides acceleration to this work, absorbing it and not replacing it.

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