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Philip Webb, founder of [TAM] Team Action Management™ ( pictured ), started his career in 1982 working for IBM as an International Technical Specialist for Europe, Middle East and Africa, leaving IBM in 1990 to establish his own business.

In 1991, Albert Humphrey approached Philip to use [TAM] Team Action Management™ as a framework for rapid growth and to professionalise his business. After some convincing Philip agreed to try the [TAM] Team Action Management™ Programme which was then responsible for the 220% compound growth for the next four years. The additional margin and profit improvement work then led to the sale of this business in 1996, with a turnover in excess of £6.5 million.

  • During this time Philip worked with 'Humph' on a number of [TAM] Team Action Management™ assignments in the UK, notably Wensum plc, Herberger Brookes and Einstein Films, amongst others. The [TAM] Team Action Management™ Programme became embedded in every company that Philip has either owned, bought or advised since 1996 and was responsible for revenue growth, profit growth, business turnaround, post merger work and general efficiency savings.
  • Albert Humphrey died on October 31st 2005, then aged 79, leaving the Intellectual Property, patents and trade marks, to Philip, this Intellectual Property is now owned by [TAM] Team Action Management™.
  • The company is expanding rapidly by advising new and existing clients in the use of [TAM] Team Action Management™, delivering programmes through its licensed Master Practitioners.
  • TAM has been delivered over the last thirty years to many household names such as Kier, Arvato Government Services, WH Smith, Roche Products, Kalamazoo, Tetleys, Cadburys Schweppes, PSA, Scottish Health and many others.
  • [TAM] Team Action Management™ employs highly energised sector experts in order to promote and deliver [TAM] Team Action Management™ in order to meet the demand, for more information on how to become a [TAM] Team Action Management™ Master Practitioner please contact us.

Philip Webb

TAM doesn't focus on just one or two areas of your business. We understand that your organisation has to work as a whole and that the only way to align operations, people and strategy effectively is to engage them all at the same time.


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